Sunrise Rotarians Serve Breakfast to Balloon Fest



They say that a well fed army wins the war, and thanks to the Sunrise Rotary Breakfast Club the "army" of Balloon pilots, crew, and VIP pass members were treated to a breakfast feast to get them started for a full day of action.

Club members hustled to feed the crowds with mountains of hash browns, eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy along with fruit and the complements of coffee and juice. Steve had the Red Onion employees going overtime to get the entrees done and transported to the Fest site, with all hands on deck.

The Balloon Festival and Fair had the kind of weather you dream about, sometimes it was spectacular and other times a nightmare; but overall, it couldn’t have been better. Each morning had bright sunshine, the bluest of skies and calm conditions for all participants to get in their mass ascension. The afternoons left a lot to be desired as the Havasu Classic winds were in full bloom.

The scheduled evening glow shows were subdued in the evening breeze, at least afternoon temperatures warmed to seasonal levels and fair goers were happy. Gate receipts were unavailable at this time but estimates place the attendance at probably in the 30,000 range for the four day period.

Congratulations to the club for a job well done.